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In the last few weeks a lot has happened and I wanted to capture some it while it was in my mind.

I guess it starts with my eldest step daughter (lets call her ‘L’) who has been having huge problems with school. She is 14 and because of our hectic and ever changing lives when me and her mum got together .. she went through quite a few schools when we lived down South (UK). We moved to Midlands about 5 years ago and she did one very good primary (I would say that though, I am a governor there !). And then she went to the local High School – pretty much her only choise as it was the main feeder in. We did try her out for the private school I went to .. but she failed on 11+ (not entirely surprising giving the difference in levels between primary and prep schools in this country) .. that nad there standards are A LOT higher than when I was there in the 80’s !!
Any how she started at this High School and has had problems almost from day 1. She was diagnosed as dyslexic and dyspraxic when at primary, but this was not recognised at the High School (something that we didnt realise for a while). So she struggled from the start but then has she started to express herself as a teenager, then the trouble really started. L is very artistic and creative and she liked to show that. Her hair has been most colours of the rainbow and whenever she came up with a new clothes style she was quickly pissed off when everyone else followed her like sheep. I will never forget her 13th party where most of the kids where dressed in multi colour tootoos !!

Anyway this brings us to the last few months where much of this bounce had gone – every night we would sit at the dinner table and hear stories about how she had been picked on at school – but not by the pupils, mainly by the teachers !! They say there is a child in every year that teachers tend to have ago on, and our daughter was that child. We talked to the head, but he refused to accept that there could be anything wrong – and actually got quite angry and expressive when I pushed the point. … ok blazing row maybe a better description !
All of this came to a head over her ear ! Now I do not condone what the kids of today (god listen to me !) are about stretched ear rings and tattoos (I draw the line on the later !) but each teenage generation manages o come up with new and interesting ways to piss off their parents – I know we did in the 80’s and it wont stop .. but then since when has an earing ever had anything to do with education -esp when it is hidden under a lot of hair ?!?! Using this method (i.e. hiding it under hair) was how she managed to expand her 1 ear to about 1cm (not as bad as it sounds) and there were a bunch of other kids, all of which were left alone, that had it bigger and more obvious… but L was highlighted by the teachers and given hell for it. This culminates in 5 of them surrounding her in the BSU (Behaviour Support Unit) and balling her out.
That night there were even more tears than usual and we could see the confidence going out of her .. it was enough.

We took her out the next day, met with the head and the head of the governors (who still accepted nothing could possibly wrong) and before we know where we are we are home educating her. Now we did do a bit more due diligence to that and we have enrolled her in a distance learning courses to do a bunch of GCSE and IGCSEs and the next 18 months will no doubt be a struggle, but we know we done the right .. the change in her confidence levels have a changed over night and it is great to see the old L back again 🙂

A final note to this tale, if you read on through other blogs you will see my wife has MS. She has the progressive form and has been getting a lot worse in last year. If there is one thing I know that they both like about this, it is that they will have more time together and both are really looking forward to the process

.. and I know that there is someone at home with her should anything happen (falls etc.)

This has also given me some freedom. Having spent the last two years working self employed as an IT contractor and the last 6 months with the government cancelling more and more IT projects from under us .. I have decided to go back to my old career of running the technical pre and post sales for US security startups. It will take me back out on the road around Europe, Middle East and Africa (less of the Africa though) and so I will be away more

But knowing that they are both here together will really help .. so changing times ahead. I will try and keep some of it in this blog




Hanging in wait

So here we are 4 days after the election and still no decision ! .. The LibDems seem to hold all the cards, which is not bad for the team that came last ! But maybe that says something about the world we live in the UK now ?!?

The sad thing is that in the 70’s they probably had days to make a decision because they only got the news once a day – now we live in a 24 hours news network where anyone of importance farts and we all have to know about it. There was a graet bit earlier where Brown and Lord Voldemort (aka Mandleson) left No 10 and they news networks wanted to know where they were going and they refused to tell them – I am surprised they didnt chase in a helicopter !

But really we all KNOW what will happen – David Cameron is the next PM and Brown will step down – it just depends how much the LibDems  want to humiliate themselves in front of thier own party in the meantime. I mean it is real catch 22 for Clegg. He wants PR but is showing that this country is not set up for it

We always claim to have the oldest democracy in the world and that is great – but that also means that we have a system that is very heavily intrenched. We only have 3 main parties and to make collation  government work you need loads (and PLEASE dont tell me the Welsh and the Scots count – they dont – they have their own parliament and I really wish they would piss off back and look after that. Both of them have said they want money guaranteed for their countries for agreement to be part of government  – thats bloody blackmail !! And what does THAT tell you about what they would be like when important decisions need to be made !

Also just take a look to one of the countries that is often used as an ‘example’ on PR – Germany. Merkil the ‘iron lady’ of Germany has just lost a lot of her power because a local election went badly .. is this what we really want ?!?

I agree the system isnt great and reform is needed – but for god sake can we wake up and smell the coffee on what it would do to this country ?!?

Any reform really should be done by someone who has no connection to any main party, a set of idependants (if such a thing exists) – and lets focus on what really needs to be done first – like the House of Lords. Lets change that to a chamber that can look to the long term and have PR elected people (who are NOT called Lords !), lets change the sizes of constituencies so they are fair and lets have fixed parliaments etc

But could we PLEASE rebuild our economy first ? Could we work out how to reduce out costs without having to sack too many people ?

I work for a certain large Gov agency and the doubling up or people and the wasted time and effort used is ridiculous – there are massive ways to reduce the public service bill – so lets focus on that !

Just look at what is happening now to see what dangers lie ahead

Oh and PLEASE could the Labour party go and find a hole to crawl into !? .. in the words of Rory Bremner this weekend ‘Theres no Brown in a Rainbow’

One last thought on Labour’s reaction to all this – did you notice that 2 out of the 5 people sent to negotiate with  the Libs are Lords – so they are not even elected representatives, doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know ?!

Scan Results

You know I have seen many parts of my wife in various scans over the years. There were her kidney and gallbladder in one a few years ago and their have been a variety of MRIs .. but the strangest is looking at someone brain .. you even see the hollow circle of the eye – all very strange ! I remember the first scan, when they diagnosed the MS (though it took a painful lumber puncture to really sort it). But this is the first such MRI she has had in 3 years – mainly because we were relying on NHS, which is basically nothing (though read on as I do see some value with NHS). But this time I played the ‘get out of NHS card’ and used BUPA and we had here in the cigar tube within a week and results 3 days after that ! Jut shows it can be done quickly !

Bu this time the results were a lot more obvious – her brain is covered with little white dots, now I am no expert but I can listen to what I told – each of these little white dots is a legion (which I know is prob not how you spell it) but it is where the body has attacked itself and created basically a hole .. and each hole is a different disability .. isnt it amazing how the body can attack itself ? hasnt it got enough shit to deal with ? isnt it on its own side ? because if not – who is ??

The consultant was kind in trying to say that it didnt necessarily mean what was the bleeding obvious – but I know bullshit when I see it – Drs arent allowed to say ‘sorry your fucked and they we are… next ..’ (or they dont when your paying anyway !)

So they have put on her steroids – 5 tablets that taste dreadful and send her all over the place .. last last of her sight went for about 3 hours, then suddenly switched back on again ! the mood swings .. just waiting to see what happens next (this is just Day 1)

To get out we went into town earlier, and needed to take the wheel chair .. let me tell you, there is about no worse thing than having to push your wife up a busy High Street on a Saturday afternoon in a wheel chair .. its awful both in it’s nature and in the way everyone else treats you.. and (of you ever find yourself pushing someone in a wheel chair) – it gets 10x worse when you go in a shop .. they are just not designed to handle them, racks of clothes etc are too close, nobody gets out of the way till you shout ‘EXCUSE ME’ – and then they give you that look of either contempt or pity .. well they can take both and shove it up the arse .. just get out of my fucking way !! .. and the worse ? Marks & Spencers .. lets just say M&S is no good if you have MS !!

So after all this I get home and am after a nice glass of wine, only to then get a call from eldest daughter (13) wanting to be picked up at 6.30 at a mates because she wants to stay in later in town .. so I cant even have a drink !! I am so sick of running round after everyone with no consideration back !!

.. ok update .. daughter just called to say that she wouldnt be at mates till 7 .. told her to get on the bloody bus as I am not hanging out that long !! .. god am I an aweful parent ?? .. no I’m not – because I am a step father and their father has nothing to do with them, I pay for them, cook, clean and run them around left right and centre, so if I am bad – then I am better than him !!

OK rant over .. I need to get washing on before starting supper ! .. jesus is this what it is to be a working mother, because if it is – they have my ultimate respect .. now where is that wine !!

Election 2010

I have been a Tory since I was a young lad growing up in Worcster. One of my mates’ parents were big activists when I was a teenager and I used to get involve. Michael Spicer was my MP then (in mid 80’s) and the bugger is only standing down now – bugger because he got us all to pay for his heli pad and a new chandler for the mansion !

So I am not happy with him, but he is standing down so good riddance. The new Tory I have yet to meet, but she seems ok and I am supporting her

But why – do I follow blindly in the way I did as a kid ? No .. I do it because I think it is the right thing for free enterprise and to end the huge state that we now have.

For 13 years we Torys have been made to feel like scum .. why is that exactly ? Thatcher may have done a lot of bad for this country – but it was a pain we needed and a pain that we had to go through to enable Blair & Brown and his cronies to have the huge boom that ended us where we are now.

She broke the unions which was desperately needed so that proper decisions could be made again and so the country could not be held to ransom by a bunch of left wing nutters – just look what is happening now in Greece to see what I mean there.

She took billions out the economy, which was needed because of the huge mess the last Labour and Lab/Lib pact created  – oh now that sounds familiar doesn’t it boy and girls !

She got the UK moving again, and diversified ourselves out of manufacturing and into the service industries that paid for the next 20 years of good times (ok THAT one didnt end up great !)

But the point is that although there was crap – there was good. In the same way that Blair did a lot of good – he will be remembered for the crap.

But I guess my point in all this, is the supporters of Thatcher are not all evil, but we have been treated like  parers for the last 13 years .. and we are not.

All we truely believe in is freedom for businesses to create thier own wealth, to then be shared by the people. In the power of small businesses. In the power of getting off you arse and doing something with your life  – and not expecting it to be handed on a plate.

This attitude has done me well in life and I have always earned a good wage because of it. But I also give back (I am a School Governor for example) because I think I have a duty to do so.

This country has become fat on a society based on hand outs and it has to stop. Listening to CitizenUK speeches by the leaders yesterday I was struck by Cameron’s ideas and how aligned they were (a living wage were people dont need benefits etc) and how Brown was a million miles from it (being the creator of the awful National Tax Credits system) – and yet still they cheered for him  !! .. why, he is the one that got you in this mess in the first place !

There are millions of people voting on Thursday that never knew a Tory government as they were too yound to remember and so only hear the ludicrous ‘big bad wolf’ stories about the Tory stealing from the poor – for god sake will you wake up ??

That was 13 years ago and much has changed, but the values still remain – we need to break the peoples reliance on the state and start standing on our own two feet and take responsibility for our lifes, that and realise that there are many Tory values that are very good for this country

But what ever you do on Thursday – please vote .. and follow your heart and what you believe in

MRI Scans

My wife suffers from MS, bold statement but there u are, it’s a crap horrible desease that results in you having to watch your loved one slowly fall apart over many years.

Today I am sitting in a BUPA hospital – private healthcare has become a priority in last few years and something I will paying for a long time to come ! And she is having an MRI scan to determine how much has changed since last time. Last time was about 3-4 years ago when she was first diagnosed. In those heady days she just had probs with sight – optic niritis is a common 1st symtom

Now she has lost most of her sight in one eye, and not much with other. She has to walk with stick, and uses a wheelchair for longer distances. And she has ‘tremours’ (shakes to rest of us) to the extend that she jokes about being in perpetual motion !

All that in 3 years !

So now they have just slid her into a tiny, clastiphobic tube and play loud techno music at you as this machine scans her brain looking for all the damage inflicted by her own immune system – what will it show ? And where will we be in another 3 years ??

This week is MS awareness week – ironic heh ? I don’t think I need to be antmore aware, but maybe you reading this might be more aware now – it’s crap and a horrible desease and I hate it, but then Im not the one in that bloody scanner scared to death but what it might show next .

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